CCOF Improves Letters

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Date Published: 
April 20, 2011

In response to client requests for clearer and simpler communication, CCOF has launched new letter formats. These new formats have been tested for the last few months and have been met with improved client responses. Every letter now opens with a clear cover page and attached action items and/or reminders list that can be used as a checklist in your response.

Important Features and Benefits
1. Reference #: Use this number to reference a specific letter for easier communication with CCOF.
2. Action Item #: Identifies the specific action item(s) related to the letter. This allows you to easily identify which action item you're responding to in correspondence with CCOF. This number also appears in the Action Items area of MyCCOF, so you can monitor the status of these items and your submissions online.
3. Clear Due Dates: When a response is required, due dates are located in three places. This helps you respond promptly and avoid adverse actions for non-response.
4. More Direct Action Items: Each paragraph begins with the requested action stated plainly in bold. This bold item clearly identifies the specific action CCOF requires to verify compliance and eases the ability of clients to respond.
CCOF will use three clear sections:
a. Immediate Action Items, typically due within 30 days
b. Reminders, which require review but no response
c. Global Market Access (GMA) Summary, which outlines information needed to achieve or maintain international standards certification
5. Simple NOP Citations: CCOF has simplified legal and regulatory jargon to increase readability. NOP citations are included below each Action Item for reference. RSRs and CCOF staff are available to provide additional clarification.
6. Operation Identification: Every page includes your operation name and code. If you return a page to CCOF, we will be able to identify your response quickly and easily.
7. Enclosures: All enclosed items are listed at the bottom of the first page.
8. Flyers: New standard flyers such as "Certification Tips," "MyCCOF," and "Cost Share" are enclosed with letters. These flyers provide you with access to resources and important information in clear formats with less to read in the letter itself.
9. Resources: All letters include links to Organic System Plan (OSP) documents and the NOP regulations to ensure you can find these useful tools on the CCOF website.

Please give us your feedback as you receive these new letter formats so we can continue to improve them. Contact April Crittenden at