Certification Fee Schedule Changes

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Date Published: 
October 20, 2011

After more than five years without a change to CCOF's certification fee schedule, we are forced to implement changes to guarantee a high level of CCOF service in the future. CCOF clients will see these new fees reflected in their 2012 annual certification renewal. Though fees have not increased during this time, CCOF has improved service and responsiveness while experiencing significant increases in expenses and expectations from clients, the NOP, and accreditors. We continue to receive requests for faster service from clients of all sizes. At the same time, we face impending requirements to increase residue testing and unannounced inspection efforts while needing to continue to respond effectively to investigations.

To achieve these goals, CCOF is increasing our fees by approximately 8-12 percent across all client fee categories. CCOF is increasing fees more dramatically at the top end of the fee scale to reflect the increased workload and effort necessary for servicing today's large organic businesses. Specifically, CCOF has created a new top fee category to address businesses that have organic sales which exceed CCOF's previous top tier of $15,000,000 by 10 times or more. This will ensure that CCOF can effectively meet the needs of both the small and large entities with whom we work.

We are always wary of raising any businesses expenses but CCOF is confident that this fee increase will allow for the ongoing development of personnel and other resources to ensure that we effectively meet client needs and preserve organic integrity in the marketplace.

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