Certification Help Now Available for Processor/Handlers

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Date Published: 
January 23, 2013

CCOF has produced an Organic Handler Certification Support Packet to help processors and handlers understand certification issues, record keeping, and other requirements. These forms are adaptable for your specific situation and can be copied and included as part of your Organic System Plan or used throughout the year.

The Handler Certification Support Packet contains

  • Certification Tips
  • Labeling Guides
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Lists of Organic Food and Agriculture Organizations
  • Organic Consultant Listings
  • Samples Forms including Equipment Cleaning Log, Agricultural Ingredient Commercial Availability Search Record, Pest Control Material Usage Justification Letter, Audit Trail examples (Invoice, Batch Record, Bill of Lading, Monthly Inventory)

Visit our support resources to check out these and other helpful resources for all clients.