Free Organic Kale Stems for Animal Feed

Free organic kale stems available for animal feed! 1000 lbs per day in Oakland, CA.

Alive & Radiant, makers of organic kale chips in Oakland, offers FREE organic kale stems for compost or animal feed. We are an organic kale chip company located in Oakland, CA and we are wondering if any local farms or ranches are interested in picking up kale stems for feed or compost either on a regular basis.

Unfortunately we do not have the capacity to deliver the stems just yet and that is why pickup is required.

Daily Volume: 470 to 500 kilos of organic kale stems per day (~1100 lbs per day)

Terms: Daily pick-up needed. Willing to work with multiple operations but want to solidify a regular route and pick-up schedule with long term partners. Please contact us to discuss. We are open to new ideas and solutions!

Notes: We do have a fork lift and could help load a truck/van. Also, the ideal pickup time is 3pm because that is when we are done stripping the kale stems.

Contact: Please feel free to shoot an email to or call (510) 238-0128 for additional information – we are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Thank you!!

Contact Information

(510) 238-0128
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