Organic Farm Seeks Experienced & Reliable Farm Hand

Blue Egg Farm LLC is looking for an experienced farm hand to join our team. Blue Egg Farm is a small family-owned organic farm located in Orinda. Learn more about us at Our farm hands care for the hens who lay the blue eggs; sow seeds and transplant vegetable and flower seedlings for sale and planting; prepare the beds for planting and tend to them and growing plants;  hand mix and apply compost, various soils, and nutrients for use in beds and pots; harvest, clean and package vegetables, fruit and seedlings for sale and shipment; and clean greenhouse, work areas and tools. Our farm hands take pride in their work; collaborate well with a group, as well as work independently; and are physically fit.

If you are enthusiastic about joining a growing farm and are willing to work hard in a beautiful environment for at least six months, please contact us at

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