September 2015

Grab a Bite Night Southern Style at BARRA

Celebration | 9/3/2015
Want to kick off your weekend a little early? Looking for a great spot to meet your friends after work? We invite you to join us at BARRA of...

Food Safety Training for the Organic Grower or Handler - Bakersfield

Training | 9/9/2015
This course is designed for growers and produce handlers who are new to Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standards, staff members who need...

Nevada County One-Day Holistic Management Workshop

Workshop | 9/12/2015
Invest one day out of your busy schedule to gain an understanding of the processes and practices of Holistic Management. Each of the Holistic...

Humus Advantage Compost Workshop

Workshop | 9/15/2015
This workshop will give you hands-on training at a compost production site that utilizes the Aeromaster Composting System. Visits to the compost site...

Exporting Best Practices Workshop

Workshop | 9/15/2015
Curious about the advantages and risks associated with exporting? Need more information to take your next step in the international marketplace? Is...

Importing into the U.S. Workshop

Workshop | 9/15/2015
Are you familiar with the legal aspects of importing into the U.S.? Do you know when and how to use a customhouse broker? Is U.S. Customs causing...

CCOF at Expo East

Trade Show | 9/16/2015
CCOF will be at Expo East in Baltimore from September 16 through 19!Come visit us at Booth #1509.

Annual Santa Maria Vegetable Meeting

Meeting | 9/24/2015
This Cooperative Extension meeting features an update on downy mildew management in beets and root aphid management in organic celery. Who can attend...

Mitigating Drought with Holistic Management

Workshop | 9/24/2015
This workshop series is designed to educate participants about how nature functions and how producers can improve agricultural practices to increase...

CropManage Workshop: Hands-on Training

Training | 9/24/2015
We will offer a hands-on training to learn in depth about the features of CropManage, a free online decision support tool for water and nutrient...

IPM For Food Plants

Conference | 9/29/2015
Clark Pest Control & RK Pest Management ServiceThe Food Safety Modernization Act places a high expectation of food processing facilities...

Organic & Non-GMO Forum: Developing the Supply Chain

Conference | 9/30/2015
Surging demand for organic and non-GMO oilseeds and grains requires the development of special value chains. This unique event will address growing...