FAQs by restaurant

Yes you can. Retail stores are certified by department such as produce, meat, bulk foods, prepared foods, etc. Any or all departments can be certified.

If you are certifying a prepared food section – such as a bakery, deli, salad bar, or juice or coffee bar – you may choose to certify only selected items instead of all items. As with all other types of certification where both organic... Read more

Yes you can. You will need to maintain the organic integrity of the ingredients and products by preventing commingling and contamination of organic products with any prohibited materials such as sanitizers, pesticides, and non-organic products or ingredients. Additionally, you will need to clearly distinguish organic products from non-organic products to provide accurate information to your... Read more

Yes, restaurants are considered retail food establishments and are excluded from certification but can identify products on their menus as organic without certification. Restaurants must prevent commingling or contamination of organic product/ingredients with prohibited materials such as sanitizers, pest control materials, and non-organic ingredients. Additionally, restaurants need to comply... Read more