MyCCOF Revolutionizes Online Services

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Date Published: 
January 17, 2011

We are pleased to announce the full client-wide release of CCOF's new online certification management portal, MyCCOF. This additional service is unique to CCOF and free to our clients. Clients may use MyCCOF to monitor their certification and renewals, get key documents, and track the inspection and certification process. You can also monitor your account status and submit payments. Request your MyCCOF login now.

During the coming months and years, CCOF will expand this service to provide more features and benefits for CCOF members. Today, clients can use MyCCOF to:

  • Download copies of your most recent certificate and client profile.
  • Track inspections throughout the process and find your inspector's contact information.
  • Monitor every operation you are associated with. Perfect for consultants, managers, and partnerships!
  • Monitor contacts, facilities, private label brand owners, and other links to your operation.
  • Download copies of recent letters from CCOF.
  • Monitor the status of Action Items such as Requests for Information, Notices of Noncompliance, and submissions from you to CCOF.
  • Track the payment status of invoices and easily pay your bills online.
  • Track program enrollment and renewal status.
  • View promotional operation information stored by CCOF such as sales types, apprenticeship offerings, and company statements.