Name and Seal Use Agreement Eliminated - More Improvements on the Way!

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Date Published: 
October 20, 2011

To reduce paperwork, CCOF has modified our Private Label Seal Use approval process. Under our new system, clients will only need to complete the CCOF H2.6 Private Label profile. Review the new H2.6 form. You are no longer required to secure the signed Name and Seal Use Agreement from your private label customer. Instead, CCOF will communicate the policies, requirements, and responsibilities under the USDA National Organic Program to the private label entity directly.

All CCOF clients must continue to submit their labels prior to production, and existing private label fees per CCOF Manual 1 remain in effect. However, CCOF clients will no longer have to chase their private label customer for signatures, or deal with the legal departments of large private label supermarkets and others. CCOF expects this to improve label approval processes and response rates for all clients. We are continuously investigating our system for other opportunities to reduce paperwork and increase efficiency. Look for improvements to international compliance affidavits soon. Is there an area of certification that you feel is paper heavy or inefficient, and could be improved? Send a letter, fax, or email to handler certification director, Jody Biergiel, at with your suggestions.