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Solicitud de Revisión Urgente

Utilice este formulario para solicitar una revisión urgente de una actualización del Plan de Sistema Orgánico (OSP), como una etiqueta, insumo, producto, suministrador, material, o la respuesta a una solicitud de CCOF. Este formulario también puede utilizarse como una portada para cualquier actualización OSP, independientemente de la línea de tiempo para su revisión.

Rush Review Request


What resources area available regarding GMOs and organic production?

You can find wealth of resources about these topics from both the USDA National Organic Program and CCOF’s strategic partner, the Organic Trade Association, on our Organic is Non-GMO & More page.

Does CCOF perform GMO testing?

Yes. CCOF integrates GMO testing of at risk commodities within the mandated periodic residue testing requirement under the National Organic Program. Click here to learn more about that program.  Read more about CCOF increasing GMO testing.

Can I use CCOF’s "Organic is Non-GMO & More" seal and the USDA organic logo?

Yes! If used on the same panel, horizontal versions must not be taller than the USDA seal, and vertical versions must not be wider. For additional labeling help visit our Labeling and Logos page.

Organic is Non-GMO & More

What is CCOF's "Organic is Non-GMO & More" seal?

In March 2015, CCOF launched a new version of its certification seal, aimed at supporting our member’s efforts to communicate the non-GMO and other positive attributes of organic food and farming.

Read CCOF’s press release: Organic is the Champion of Non-GMO: New Label Option Offers Clarity

Can I get my commercial kitchen certified for others to use for organic production?

No, it doesn't help others and isn't required in order for someone else to make organic products in your commercial kitchen. Shared kitchens cannot be certified separately from the product produced in them. Facilities, including shared kitchens, are part of the process of making the products, so the people who use your kitchen must include the kitchen as the production facility in their own certification application, as if it were their own factory.

Can I use a shared commercial kitchen to make my products?

Yes, certified organic operations can use shared commercial kitchens to make their products, but they must certify the kitchen for their own use. In your application – called an Organic System Plan (OSP) – you will explain how you keep your products separate from any non-organic products or materials in the kitchen.

Using shared commercial kitchens for organic production is common and usually does not pose an undue burden on new applicants. Our inspectors have seen these many times and will work with you.

Programa de Certificacion Acelerada

Para contratar servicio acelerado para inspecciones urgentes de nuevas solicitantes, o de parcelas, instalaciones, o equipo nuevo.

Expedited Certification Program



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