Organic System Plan Updates

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Date Published: 
April 9, 2013

CCOF maintains a convenient, modular OSP and streamlined annual update process. Under the NOP’s recent training modules, CCOF is working to help our clients understand the types of operational changes that may require an OSP update or approval.

The following changes require an operation to modify their OSP and notify CCOF.

All changes to the operation that may affect compliance. These include, but are not limited to:

  • An application of prohibited substances or positive residue analysis
  • Farms that add new parcels. CCOF strongly recommends submitting new acreage as early as possible to minimize costs and avoid harvest deadlines.
  • Processors that add new products or types of processing
  • Operations that create new labels
  • Operations that move or plan a move to a new facility
  • A change to processes, procedures, or practices where an operation is not sure if it still meets organic standards

The following changes do not require an operation to notify CCOF.

  • Sourcing ingredients from a new supplier, as long as the handler verifies and keeps proof of organic status. Please note that it protects you to confirm with CCOF the status and applicability of the supplier’s certification, and that ingredients used prior to approval are at your own risk.
  • Sourcing livestock feed from a new supplier, as long as proof of organic status is maintained on file. Please note that it protects you to confirm with CCOF the status and applicability of a supplier, and that feed used prior to approval is at your own risk.
  • Sourcing a new compliant input for a product, such as those listed by OMRI or WSDA. However, we recommend that it is safer to verify with CCOF that all inputs are approved prior to application to avoid potential problems. Please be aware that use of any input prior to approval by CCOF is at your own risk.

CCOF welcomes updates and information about changes to your operation at any time. Operations are free to email CCOF and their Certification Service Specialist, or call if they have questions about whether a change needs to be submitted. We accept OSP updates at any time and welcome your questions and feedback.