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Huge Changes to EU Equivalency and CCOF International Programs

CCOF EU Standards and GMA Program Webinar: April 19, 2012. Learn about the new agreement, market opportunities, how to save time and money within the GMA program, and the EU market in this helpful webinar.

Important Korea Equivalency Arrangement Update

On Friday, June 13, the National Organic Program announced that the Agricultural Marketing Service and Korea are finalizing an equivalency arrangement for processed food products.

Improvements to Canada Program and New COR Labeling Guide

In the last several months CCOF has worked with our clients, other certifiers, and the National Organic Program to improve our approach to the U.S.-Canada Organic Equivalency Agreement. We have re-written our Canada webpage to reflect all changes. Improvements include:

Interested in Selling to China? Meet the Certifier That Can Help You Gain Access!

The Chinese organic market continues to grow and demand more diverse organic products, however re-certification to the Chinese organic standard is required in order to be sold as organic in mainland China. CCOF is working with WIT Assessment, the leading certifier of product exported to China, to make accessing the Chinese organic market more accessible and achievable for U.S. operations.

International Trade Update: Japan and Korea

U.S.–Japan Equivalency Agreement Effective January 1, 2014

The U.S.–Japan Equivalency Agreement is now effective! Organic products certified in either the United States or Japan may now be sold as organic in either market.

International Update

As the market for organic products expands globally and organic production grows, we are seeing developments and/or modification to organic standards in both producer and importer countries worldwide. These include China, Brazil, Switzerland, Korea, Mexico, and others. CCOF remains engaged with the Organic Trade Association (OTA), the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, and others to address market barriers and solve import and export issues for CCOF clients. We are continuing to try to eliminate paperwork and verification barriers wherever possible.

Korean Import Restrictions Going into Effect January 1, 2014

After at least two extensions for processed organic products entering Korea, it has become clear that the Korean government will enforce its regulation requiring certification to Korean standards effective January 1, 2014. Fresh products are already subject to this requirement.

Organic processed products that clear customs prior to January 1, 2014, will reportedly continue to be recognized as organic in Korea.

Mexico Trade Update

CCOF is diligently working to meet the needs of CCOF clients in Mexico and those who sell products to Mexico. Mexico’s organic standards are moving forward with a final implementation date of April 2015. CCOF participated in Governor Jerry Brown’s Mexico Trade Delegation and is working directly with Mexican officials, CDFA, the NOP, clients and others to ensure the smoothest possible transition and certification to the new Mexican standard.


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