A Word of Thanks

Too often in the certification process we don’t get the opportunity to tell you how much all of us at CCOF appreciate your hard work producing organic products. All of us appreciate the work you do and are committed every day to making certification as pleasant as possible. We realize that certification is not an end in itself but a step along the way to your success in the organic marketplace. While we must ensure strict organic standards are maintained, we also feel that we are on this journey with you.


Long Live the Materials Evolution

Improvements for Materials Tracking and Approvals Continue: We have heard loud and clear that one of our clients’ biggest frustrations with the certification process is the paperwork surrounding input materials approval. In response, CCOF has been undergoing a materials evolution focused on making the process more efficient and less burdensome. We hope that you will find these changes to be positive, and welcome your feedback at any time!

IMPORTANT: New Legal Language in Manual One

Please be aware that effective March 5, 2012, CCOF has modified “CCOF Manual One: A Guide to CCOF Certification” to more clearly define “clients” and provide additional indemnification and limitation of liability clauses. We have also slightly modified the existing section 4.9 Complaint, Investigation, and Adverse Action Fees to include “any contested action” in the costs that clients, applicants, and others are responsible for should CCOF prevail in mediation, dispute, proceeding, or other contested action.

Huge Changes to EU Equivalency and CCOF International Programs

CCOF EU Standards and GMA Program Webinar: April 19, 2012. Learn about the new agreement, market opportunities, how to save time and money within the GMA program, and the EU market in this helpful webinar.

Elite Services Update

CCOF now offers elite level services to any client who chooses to enroll in the Elite Service program. We are offering a suite of elite level services designed to meet the needs of the large companies, smaller companies with very active organic programs, and others that require more individualized service.

Name and Seal Use Agreement Eliminated - More Improvements on the Way!

To reduce paperwork, CCOF has modified our Private Label Seal Use approval process. Under our new system, clients will only need to complete the CCOF H2.6 Private Label profile. Review the new H2.6 form. You are no longer required to secure the signed Name and Seal Use Agreement from your private label customer. Instead, CCOF will communicate the policies, requirements, and responsibilities under the USDA National Organic Program to the private label entity directly.

CCOF Develops Helpful Post-Inspection Tools

Two new documents have been created to help CCOF clients understand the certification process.

What to Expect After Your Inspection: Clarifies the inspector's role and what clients should expect as potential outcomes following the inspection. This helpful document is provided to all clients by their inspector.

MyCCOF Revolutionizes Online Services

We are pleased to announce the full client-wide release of CCOF's new online certification management portal, MyCCOF. This additional service is unique to CCOF and free to our clients. Clients may use MyCCOF to monitor their certification and renewals, get key documents, and track the inspection and certification process. You can also monitor your account status and submit payments. Request your MyCCOF login now.


CCOF Improves Letters

In response to client requests for clearer and simpler communication, CCOF has launched new letter formats. These new formats have been tested for the last few months and have been met with improved client responses. Every letter now opens with a clear cover page and attached action items and/or reminders list that can be used as a checklist in your response.


Improving Materials Tracking and MyCCOF

Over the last year, CCOF has created computerized records for all inputs used by our clients. These records allow us to improve organization and streamline material reviews. During this process, CCOF developed an internal materials list that combines all internal CCOF material reviews as well as both the OMRI and WSDA lists. As files have been reviewed during this time, CCOF added each client's inputs to their operation's database record. In the coming months, CCOF will provide access to the "inputs tab" in each client's MyCCOF portal.


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