Action Item Revolution: Compliance Report and Action Item Tracker

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Date Published: 
July 11, 2016

Date Updated: October 20, 2016

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CCOF is continually updating and refining our systems and tools to make managing organic certification as simple as possible. After revolutionizing the approach to materials and building the industry-leading online certification management tool MyCCOF, we’ve focused on ways to improve how we create, communicate, and process compliance requirements. This will make certification simpler and inspections more efficient.

Starting in mid November 2016, instead of laboriously sifting through bulky letters, each requirement will be listed by CCOF as a separate item you can view online. You will be able to find every request or reminder easily on the new CCOF Compliance Report, or simply respond online with Action Item Tracker (beta). You won’t need to find old letters or guess if there’s something outstanding because you will be able to generate your Compliance Report at any time and it will include all your outstanding action items!

Compliance Report

In conjunction with Action Item Tracker (beta), you will begin receiving Compliance Reports to help you stay organized and keep your operation in compliance. This custom report will give you an immediate understanding of your operation’s current state of compliance, from recently-closed major issue action items to pending items that need to be addressed. Use your Compliance Report to:

  • reduce clutter! No more saving and searching through letters to find your compliance items. The report will be a reflection of real-time information available at any time through MyCCOF.
  • quickly assess issues where you need to take immediate action. Items will be sorted by importance, with the most important at the top of the report. You will be able to use Action Item Tracker (beta) to answer them directly!
  • reduce confusion around your options for compliance. All requirements will be clearly outlined per item.

Take a tour of the new Compliance Report!

Action Item Tracker (beta)

We are pleased to announce the latest improvement to MyCCOF: Action Item Tracker (beta), the innovative companion tool to the new Compliance Report. Starting in mid November, you will be able to address compliance requests quickly and easily online! No need to write a letter or reference specific items. Instead, when you use Action Item Tracker (beta), you will be able to answer each item clearly and easily without any additional work. With Action Item Tracker (beta), you will be able to:

  • reply to action items directly, including attaching relevant documents, and
  • view a history of your operation’s action items—no need to store old letters anymore!

Soon, inspectors will be able to search your action item history, saving you inspection time and making compliance matters more transparent and easier to follow from start to finish.

Compliance Report Tour
Take a tour of the new Compliance Report.