It’s Renewal Time

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Date Published
October 1, 2015

Every year certified operations are required to submit an annual certification renewal contract and pay certification fees for the next year. In early November, we will mail your renewal package—the contract and invoice—and send you an email with your renewal information as well.

To complete the renewal process and remain certified in good standing, complete your renewal contract and pay your annual certification fees by January 1, 2016.

Renewals and fees may be submitted by mail or through our online contract and payment portal: You can also complete your contract and pay your invoice through the “Renew now” and “Pay now” buttons in MyCCOF!

Renewal Timeline:

  • November - Renewals sent by email and snail mail.
  • January 1 - All renewals and annual payments are due.
  • February 14 - A Notice of Noncompliance and a $75 late fee will be issued to all operations that have not completed the renewal process. This is also the last day to withdraw from certification without accruing 2016 certification fees.
  • March 15 - A Notice of Proposed Suspension and an additional $75 late fee will be issued to all operations that have not completed the renewal process.
  • April 15 - All operations that have not completed the renewal process will have their certification suspended. If your certification is suspended and you wish to be certified organic in the future, your certification must be reinstated by the National Organic Program (NOP) after a costly and lengthy process.

CCOF provides the shortest and simplest renewal process of all U.S. certifiers. In fact, it has become a model under the NOP’s Sound and Sensible initiative.

Completing your renewal on time allows us to group inspections so they are as cost-effective and timely as possible. Help us serve you and other operations efficiently, and avoid unnecessary costs, by completing your contract and submitting payment by January 1.

CCOF is happy to help you set up a payment plan if needed. Please contact our accounting department at

Thank you for taking the time to renew your organic certification! We look forward to another year of growing the organic movement with you. Read our Frequently Asked Questions for more help: