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Date Published
July 20, 2012

Too often in the certification process we don’t get the opportunity to tell you how much all of us at CCOF appreciate your hard work producing organic products. All of us appreciate the work you do and are committed every day to making certification as pleasant as possible. We realize that certification is not an end in itself but a step along the way to your success in the organic marketplace. While we must ensure strict organic standards are maintained, we also feel that we are on this journey with you. For us, the certification process is about guaranteeing that the final organic certification is meaningful to you, consumers, and others. We work to implement continuous improvement as a concept on the national stage and concentrate wherever we can on practices over paper. As we look to the future of the merged CCOF Tilth organization, you have our commitment that we will remain focused on customer service, high integrity, and valuing your contribution and effort producing organic foods.