2% for Organic in 2018!

2% for Organic
Happy to New Year to all members of our organic family: farmers, ranchers, processors, retailers, consumers, and policymakers! In seasons like this, we are reminded of the hope a new year or new growing season brings and the effort that lies ahead. 
We’re beginning 2018 by giving thanks for all of you who contribute to CCOF’s mission: advancing organic agriculture for a healthy world. 
Our CCOF-certified organic members contribute to this mission every day, not just through the healthy food they grow and produce, but also through choosing organic certification. Did you know that each CCOF-certified operation gives 2 percent back to the CCOF Foundation simply by being certified by us? With those funds and additional contributions from organic supporters and enthusiasts, CCOF is able to support the growth of organic through giving grants to teachers and students studying organic, providing financial assistance to organic farmers in need, developing education programs for future and prospective organic professionals, and promoting consumer education about organic. Our Foundation Members, Business Partners, sponsors, and grantors help fill in the remaining funding necessary to keep advancing organic agriculture. 
So this year, as you continue your organic certification or choose to get certified for the first time, remember that you are also supporting the CCOF’s charge to educate and promote organic agriculture. Thank you for your many contributions to the organic community.