32 Years! It’s a Celebration!

Woodleaf Farm and Pomotierra are celebrating 32 years of certification with CCOF. Only 23 of nearly 2,800 clients have been certified for over 30 years. This is a monumental accomplishment and we wish them continued success in the coming years!

Woodleaf Farm
Woodleaf Farm produces almost 200 varieties of fruit that all provide excellent fruit in their Mediterranean-like environment. They pride themselves in being a leader in two important areas of organic fruit production: farm design, to suppress insect and disease pests; and systems soil management, to improve plant health. They also participate in Bay Area farmers’ markets by providing 95% of their delicious harvest directly to our customers.

This 20-acre collective located in Anderson Valley grows a variety of apples including Pink Ladies and Fujis, but their specialty remains in the Gravestein. Although they are part of only a handful of farmers that still grow Gravestein apples, they believe that they produce the finest apples in the country. They also participate exclusively in the Berkeley farmers’ markets to provide apples directly to their customers.