Announcing Speakers and Sessions for the 2016 Annual Meeting and Conference

Join CCOF on February 29 in Sacramento for this year’s Annual Meeting and Conference: Blueprint for an Organic World!

Help us draft a plan to advance the organic movement and create a world where organic is the norm.

The day will begin with the 2016 Annual Meeting and a keynote address from Nikiko Masumoto—a CCOF organic farmer, author, and agrarian artist. The Annual Conference will follow with discussion sessions where we will create a Blueprint for an Organic World.

Session 1: Leveling the Playing Field: Updating California’s Organic Law

California Central Coast Assemblymember Mark Stone presents The Organic Farming Act of 2016 (AB1826), which he introduced to the California Legislature. The Act supports organic producers by reforming outdated state fees and paperwork. Share in a robust discussion with CCOF and organic producers on the proposed legislation.

Session 2: Framing Climate Solutions through Soil Health

Hear from Deborah Koons Garcia and a panel of leaders in climate change policy and science as they discuss the critical role organic agriculture plays in reducing greenhouse gases and storing carbon, as well as maintaining yields. Learn how well-established organic soil management practices can achieve long-term climate change solutions while improving crop production.

Session 3: Raising Organic Research to Scale

Helene Dillard, Dean of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at University of California Davis, will speak on the direction of organic research in the United States. Then, join a panel discussion on how organic researchers, farmers, state agencies, and private funders are addressing organic research needs through collaboration and on-farm research.

Session 4: Balancing Supply and Demand: The Case for Organic Transition

Connect with diverse panelists, including Dennis Hoover from Costco Wholesale and Peter Golbitz of Agromeris, as they discuss severe shortages in organic crops and livestock. We will discuss the barriers to organic transition, including the challenge of overcoming the financial hardship and risks of the three-year transition period. This panel will make the case for organic transition as it demonstrates that all levels of the supply chain are looking to meet the rising demand for organic through support for transitioning producers.

At the evening reception, California Department of Food and Agriculture Secretary Karen Ross will wrap up the day by honoring the diverse and inspirational recipients of the CCOF Foundation’s Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund.

For more information about the conference schedule, accommodations, and other details, visit the Blueprint for an Organic World website.

If you have questions or would like information about event sponsorship, contact CCOF Event Coordinator Tami Weiss at (831) 346-6282.