Bagrada Bug News #3 Reports on Role of Weeds and Parasitoid Research

The third edition of the Bagrada Bug News is now available to read and print on demand.

This edition reports on work being conducted in California and France to test promising natural enemies of bagrada bug. Scientists collected three species of wasps that lay their eggs in bagrada bug eggs, thus killing the nymphs inside, in South Africa and Pakistan and are now assessing their potential for release as natural predators of bagrada bug in California.

This issue also features a lengthy article on the role of weeds as refuge for bagrada bug in California’s Salinas Valley. Shortpod mustard and perennial pepperweed both host significant levels of bagrada bug buildup in the region, which suggests potential means of managing the pest by managing weeds adjacent to crop fields.

The Bagrada Bug News is a project of the Bagrada Bug Working Group, a collaboration between CCOF and the California Department of Food and Agriculture, UC Cooperative Extension, UC Davis and UC Riverside, and the USDA Agricultural Research Service.

PHOTO: Bagrada bugs feeding on shortpod mustard flowers. By Ian Grettenberger.