Bagrada Bug News #4 Available for Free Download

The fourth issue of Bagrada Bug News, a free newsletter dedicated to developing organic management strategies and biocontrol of the bagrada bug, is now available online.

Bagrada bug, Bagrada hilaris, is an invasive stinkbug that first appeared in California in 2008. A prolific breeder with few organic control options, the pest has caused significant economic losses for organic growers, particularly in brassica crops such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and other mustard family members.

CCOF joined with the California Department of Food and Agriculture to form a Bagrada Bug Working Group in 2015. The newsletter is a product of this working group, which includes scientists around the world who are studying all aspects of bagrada bug in an effort to discover effective organic controls for it.

The current issue features articles on bagrada bug populations in the Salinas Valley and genetic relationships between different strains of bagrada bag found around the world.

For questions or feedback about the newsletter, please contact