Be Ready for Anything

Our efforts to reduce paperwork, simplify certification, and provide benefits to our members continue in 2014! We are pleased to present three important new tools built to meet your needs: our new online Materials Search, expansion of MyCCOF: Supplier Management, and field-level food safety certification.

MyCCOF: Materials Search – Viva La Revolution!

The CCOF materials revolution continues in January 2014 with a bold new offering free for all CCOF certified members.

After changing how materials are managed and providing better, faster reviews, we have taken the next step. All CCOF internally-reviewed materials, OMRI Products List© materials, and WSDA Brand Name List materials can now be searched in one place! Starting January 24, use the comprehensive list found in MyCCOF: Materials Search to check the status of any reviewed material and request its inclusion in your Organic System Plan (OSP). CCOF’s online Materials Search is a first-of-its kind, industry-leading innovation that will make certification easier and faster for organic farmers, ranchers, and processors.

All you need is a free login to MyCCOF, our groundbreaking online certification management tool. If you don’t already have one, request your login now. After you have your login, visit your MyCCOF account, click the “Materials,” tab and then click “Materials Search” to get started.

Why is this important? CCOF members will never need to guess if a material has been reviewed and can request OSP changes online day or night, even with a smartphone! Instead of needing to rely on letters, phone calls, or emails, all CCOF members can check on materials online. This is also the first time that our internal material review information has been available to members, and it includes all reviews so you’ll know what has and has not been approved in the past. This provides full transparency to all members while saving them time and making certification more efficient. We hope that this puts you in the driver’s seat and saves you time with decisions.

MyCCOF: Materials Search is powered by Ecert Audit Management software. Ecert is created by our partner Intact, developer of customized audit, traceability, and quality management software solutions.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and the Washington State Department of Agriculture materials review program for their support and assistance in bringing this service to our members.


MyCCOF: Supplier Management certificate tracking now free for CCOF members!

To support CCOF-certified operations and make certification more efficient, we have decided to launch MyCCOF: Supplier Management as a free member service. We’ve added Supplier Management to all existing and future MyCCOF member logins. Now, all CCOF members can benefit from the ability to track CCOF certifications, download certificates, and get immediate emails if certification statuses change. MyCCOF: Supplier Management supports any buyer of organic goods and gives a quick and easy red, yellow, or green light indicator of real-time certification status. The tool also provides current organic certificates. Request a MyCCOF login to access Supplier Management. If you already have a MyCCOF login, check out the quick and easy MyCCOF: Supplier Management instructions.

Non-members of CCOF can enroll in MyCCOF: Supplier Management for a low annual fee.

Field-level food safety certification for organic farms

We developed a field-level food safety certification program to respond to member needs and developments in the food industry. CCOF offers field-level food safety certification services under the internationally recognized GLOBALG.A.P. program. This service meets the needs of your buyers and supports your efforts to meet buyer requirements for Good Agricultural Practices certification. We hope to use our understanding of organic systems and leverage existing systems to provide a cost-effective option. Low-cost introductory opportunities are available for the early part of this year as part of the pilot program. More information.

We are excited about these new programs and services and look forward to working with you to optimize your business.