Bricmont Fund Hardship Assistance Deadline, December 10

Had an extremely hard year? Drought? Illness? Hurricane? CCOF’s Bricmont Fund may be able to help! 

Bricmont Fund will give away $25,000 to organic producers who have experienced hardship in 2014. This fund provides direct financial assistance exclusively to organic producers and processors/handlers who suffer losses due to extreme hardship by refunding part or all of a producer’s certification fees. The Bricmont Fund is the only hardship assistance fund specifically targeted towards organic producers in the United States. Last year, the fund sent checks to dairies, growers, and processors to help fill the void left by floods, fire, drought, family illness, and other disasters.

Curious if you are eligible? The requirements are simple:

  • Certified organic operation currently in good standing (valid organic certificate from any certification agency required for consideration).
  • Have not received CCOF disaster or hardship funding in the last three years. Experienced severe economic loss in the 2014 calendar year. Submit documentation or supporting evidence of economic loss resulting from the hardship (required for consideration).
  • Submit a copy of receipt for organic certification fees paid in 2014 (by any accredited certifier).
  • Have not received federal assistance for the same loss.
  • Fill out the entire application. 

UPDATE: the 2014 application period has closed.