The California Food Policy Council Publishes 2015 Legislative Report

The California Food Policy Council (CAFPC) published the 2015 Report on Legislation Related to and Food and Farming. The document reports on California bills related to CAFPC’s guiding principles and critiques the 2015 California legislative session. The document also presents legislator voting records to identify California policymakers who champion food issues, and offers a Food Policy Index to provide context-setting data points. As part of the CAFPC policy workgroup, CCOF participated in identifying bills to be tracked and analyzed for the report.

CCOF strongly values the CAFPC publication because many of bills tracked by CAFPC align with concerns of the organic community, including promoting farming practices that conserve natural resources, creating economic opportunities via local/regional food systems, and strengthening the links between producers and consumers.

Report Summary

The 2015 Report on Legislation Related to and Food and Farming highlights some areas of food policy progress in California. For example, in 2015 the California legislature passed AB 1321, the Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Program. Benefiting both families and farmers, AB 1321 expands a program that assists low-income families in purchasing more fruits, nuts and vegetables from farmers’ markets and local stores.

The CAFPC report also emphasizes the need for more extensive food-policy change to address critical issues such climate change, water resources, and income inequity.


Twenty-nine local food policy councils from across the state of California form CAFPC. The organization represents diverse food system stakeholders that develop and promote statewide policies that produce healthy, safe, humane, and abundant food in ways that protect the state’s environment and ensure the prosperity for California’s workers, farms, and food businesses. Roots of Change, a program of the Public Health Institute, provides strategic advice, as well as financial and staff support for CAFPC.