CCOF to Attend NOSB Meeting in Stowe, VT, Submits Public Comments in Preparation

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The fall 2015 National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting will be held October 26-29 in Stowe, Vermont. This biannual meeting impacts what materials producers can use in organic production. After reviewing public comment and hearing testimony at the meeting, NOSB will make recommendations on standards and materials to the National Organic Program (NOP).

NOSB will review a diverse set of materials at the meeting, which include humic acids used in crop production, parasiticides used in livestock production, and colors used by processors.

Phil LaRocca, chairman of the CCOF Board of Directors, will join CCOF staff at the in-person meeting in Stowe to share his expertise on organic standards and materials.

In preparation for the meeting, CCOF analyzed and submitted comments on the list of almost 200 materials that NOSB will review. CCOF also submitted comments that address various proposals published by NOSB, such as the proposed annotation change for micronutrients used in crop production. All members are encouraged to reach out to CCOF’s policy team at to discuss standards and materials on the fall agenda.

Public comments submitted by CCOF to the NOSB in response to the October 2015 NOSB meeting agenda: