CCOF & Demeter USA Dual Inspection Partnership

CCOF and Demeter are pleased to announce a partnership to offer dual organic and Biodynamic inspections for those clients that wish to be both. In recent weeks, Demeter and CCOF have been working diligently to align inspectors and their farm and processor inspection schedules to make dual inspections possible, thereby saving clients money and time.  
Demeter and CCOF are excited to announce this partnership because it emphasizes the synergies and collaboration that are possible between organic and Biodynamic certification and farmer education, while allowing each organization to focus on its core mission and values.
Demeter-USA mission: To enable people to farm successfully according to Biodynamic® principles and practices. Our vision is to heal the planet through agriculture.
CCOF mission: CCOF is a nonprofit organization that advances organic agriculture for a healthy world through organic certification, education, advocacy, and promotion. We envision a world where organic is the norm.
As Demeter, through its sister company Stellar, moves away from the organic business in order to focus on the expansion and growth of Biodynamic, CCOF looks forward to easing the transition for Stellar clients by offering dual organic and Biodynamic inspections, reduced application fees, Stellar product labeling options, and other initiatives that can reduce costs, conserve resources and meet the needs of both Biodynamic and organic farms and other businesses. 
Other aspects of the collaboration include Demeter’s donor support of the CCOF Foundation, Biodynamic training for CCOF certification staff and inspectors, utilization of Demeter’s own inspector pool to conduct both CCOF organic and Demeter Biodynamic inspections, the development of Biodynamic educational initiatives, and more.  
Learn more about the partnership and CCOF certification for Stellar operations.