CCOF Membership Approves CCOF Bylaws Revision!

CCOF members overwhelmingly approved important updates and revisions to the CCOF organizational bylaws.
We would like to thank those who participated in CCOF’s recent bylaws amendment vote! 500 operations participated in this election, and 89 percent of voters approved the updates. Member participation in this process demonstrated commitment to the future of CCOF and how central our members are to the unique character and democratic structure of CCOF. 
As a member-driven organization, producer voices guide and govern CCOF and ensure the organization accomplishes our mission to advance organic agriculture for a healthy world through organic certification, education, advocacy, and promotion. 
CCOF was created by organic producers—innovators with deep ethical values. The organization continues to uphold and carry these values into the future by continually looking for ways to better the representational structure of the company. This vote was part of the ongoing living process to improve and better serve our members. 
The approved amendments to the bylaws allow the CCOF Board of Directors to form chapters that include currently unrepresented members (those chapters will then be allowed to elect their representatives to the board of directors), improve board operations, and support growth of the CCOF Foundation. 
As we move forward into the implementation phase of this campaign, we will be keeping you informed with any developments. Again, we are truly thankful for your crucial role in our collective efforts to make organic the norm!