CCOF is Proud to Partner with Patagonia (and Wear its Gear)!

CCOF is continuing our services with our staff working safely from home. Although response times may be slower, we are here to support you. We welcome new applications to join the CCOF-certified family. Visit our Crisis Resilience page for updates and crisis resilience resources.
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The CCOF team (including our office dogs!) are often clad head to toe in Patagonia gear. Patagonia is a company that we are proud to support given their commitment to using organic materials and food. 
Patagonia is also a Visionary member of the CCOF Foundation, which works to advance organic agriculture for a healthy world. With their support, the CCOF Foundation runs a range of programs to support new and existing organic producers and to educate consumers about the importance of organic agriculture. 
Patagonia is also a key partner in launching a new initiative: The Roadmap to an Organic California. The roadmap will make the case that increasing organic acreage in California will benefit the entire state, outline concrete policy actions that CCOF and a wide range of stakeholders can take to increase organic acreage from 3.5% to 10% by 2030, and guide the state to 100% organic farmland. 
Everyone at CCOF extends their most sincere thanks to Patagonia for their support of organic and for making such great gear!