CCOF Voting Materials Coming Soon

Your CCOF membership bylaws voting material will arrive at the end of the month.
To ensure that all CCOF certified members are represented at the board of directors level, members must approve changes to the CCOF bylaws that will allow the board to establish additional chapters. In September, members will receive ballots and materials and will have 30 days to respond. A 10 percent quorum is required to enact these bylaws revisions.
Based on the quorum requirement for bylaws amendments, at least 10 percent of certified members must complete the voting process, and of those voting, at least a majority of voting members must approve the proposed bylaws amendments to the bylaws.  
This week you will receive a copy of the current bylaws with proposed amendments, voting instructions, and a self-addressed envelope for returning your vote. The voting materials will also include a link for an online ballot, should you choose to vote electronically. 
Please ensure that you cast your vote by the October 2 deadline. 
This article was submitted by Malcolm Ricci. 
Malcolm Ricci is the organic operations coordinator at CCOF-certified Bolthouse Farms. Ricci is a member of the CCOF Kern Chapter and serves as Vice Chair on the CCOF Board of Directors.