CCOF Welcomes New NOSB Members

The fall 2016 National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) meeting opened with the announcement of five new appointees to the federal advisory committee.

The NOSB was established by the Organic Foods Production Act to advise the National Organic Program on materials allowed in organic production and other organic issues. It is composed of 15 volunteers from around the country and includes four organic farmers; two handlers; three experts in environmental protection and resource conservation; three representatives of public interest or consumer groups; an expert in toxicology, ecology, or biochemistry; an organic retailer; and an organic certifying agent representative.

The new members are:

  • Sue Baird, Missouri Organic Association, consumer representative
  • Asa Bradman, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley, environmental protection representative
  • Steve Ela, Silver Spruce Partners, Colorado, farmer representative
  • Dave Mortensen, Weed and Applied Plant Ecology Lab, Pennsylvania State University, scientist representative
  • Joelle Mosso, Olam International, Ltd., California, handling representative

Mosso previously served as secretary of CCOF’s Processor/Handler chapter.

The new members replace five members whose terms expire in January 2017. Members leaving the board include CCOF inspector and policy specialist Zea Sonnabend, who filled the scientist seat.

The NOSB met November 16-18, 2016, in St. Louis, Missouri. The next NOSB meeting will be April 19-21, 2017, in Denver, Colorado.

CCOF congratulates the new members and thanks exiting members for their hard work and dedication over the five years of their term.