Cole Crop Growers Sought to Monitor Bagrada Bug Activity in the Central Valley

Cole Crops

As part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service’s efforts to develop a biological control program for the bagrada bug, the laboratory of Dr. Brian Hogg at the USDA in Albany, California, is investigating whether any native predators or parasitic wasps attack bagrada bug eggs. The laboratory is currently looking for organic farms growing cole crops in the Central Valley to include in its survey.

Any cole crops will work for the study, although fields with a history of bagrada bug infestation would be ideal. The study involves placing frozen bagrada bug eggs (dead, so there is no possibility of spreading the bug around) on index cards and leaving them out for one week in September or early October.

Any interested growers should contact Brian Hogg at


This article was submitted by the laboratory of Brian Hogg, USDA-ARS.