Controversial Bill to Create California Beef Commission to be Heard in Senate Judiciary Committee

The bill to create the California Beef Commission, AB 243, will be discussed at the next Judiciary Committee hearing on July 11, 2017.
CCOF does not have a position on AB 243 but will continue to track AB 243’s progress through the senate, as the creation of the California Beef Commission would affect members.
Supporters of AB 243 state that Californian cattle producers are interested in increasing the mandatory assessments on the sale of cattle but want to ensure that any increase in fees benefit California and Californian producers. Funds collected through the proposed check-off program would be kept within the state.
Opponents of AB 243 see the check off as unnecessary and that it would have direct negative impact on their constitutional rights and their businesses as an unwarranted, unnecessary tax. 
If you would like to weigh in on AB 243, please contact your state senator. Additionally, you can contact staff members of and state senators on the Senate Standing Committee on Judiciary. CCOF can help members draft letters in support or opposition of the check-off program. Please contact the CCOF policy team for help or more information.