Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Comment on the Origin of Livestock Proposed Rule

Submit your comments today on the National Organic Program’s (NOP) proposed rule on Origin of Livestock.

About the Origin of Livestock Proposed Rule

After years of anticipation, the NOP recently published a proposed rule that updates and clarifies organic requirements related to the transition of nonorganic dairy animals to organic production. The proposed rule states that milk or milk products labeled or sold as organic must come from dairy animals that have been managed organically since the last third of gestation, but that the NOP will make a one-time allowance for a producer to transition conventional dairy animals into organic milk production after a one-year transitional period.

The proposed rule also includes definitions for "transitional crop" and "transitional animal," as well as clarification on how dairy animals transitioned to organic production can be sold.

Give Your Feedback

The Origin of Livestock Proposed rule is not yet final, so this is your chance to weigh in and tell NOP how the rule may impact your operation and make recommendations.

Who Should Comment

The proposed rule applies to organic dairy operations; including farms milking cows, goats, sheep, buffalo, and bison. Organic creameries, producers of organic dairy products, and consumers of organic dairy products should consider commenting as well.

How to Comment

Interested parties should submit comments by the July 27 deadline. The NOP accepts comments online at (click on the blue "comment now" button), as well as by mail. For more information on the proposed rule, as well as on how to submit comments, refer to the National Organic Program - Origin of Livestock proposed rule (docket # AMS-NOP-11-0009; NOP-11-04PR).


If you have questions about the proposed rule or the comment submission process, contact Meaghan Donovan at