EcoFarm Bus Tour Highlights CCOF Members Farming on Hollister Plain

Each year the EcoFarm Conference kicks off with a popular all-day farm bus tour. This year, the tour was titled “Organic Farming On and Near the Hollister Plain” and brought participants to farms and ranches in the Hollister area, including three CCOF-certified operations: Coke Farm, Morris Grassfed, and Pinnacle Organically Grown Produce.
The packed tour began at Coke Farm with Dale and Christine Coke explaining the services they provide to bolster their local community of organic farmers. Coke Farm pioneered organic strawberry growing and spring mixes, and was one of the first CCOF-certified farms. They continue to innovate to better serve their community.
At the next stop, a ranch managed by Joe and Julie Morris of Morris Grassfed, participants learned of the benefits of holistic livestock management. The Morrises rotate their cattle throughout their rangeland to foster growth of native grasses and to sequester carbon. 
The final stop of the tour was hosted by Phil Foster, owner of Pinnacle Organically Grown Produce. Foster explained his commitment to building soil with use of compost and cover crops. Foster incorporates solar energy and biodiesel use on the farm to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. 
Participants included a wide range of local community members interested in farming and attendees of the EcoFarm Conference. 
For more information about the EcoFarm Conference and future tours, please contact the Ecological Farming Association.