EcoFarm Pre-Conference on Planning for Succession

Many organic farmers will retire in the next 10 years and are struggling with the questions: “How can I retire and how will I pass my knowledge to the next generation?” At the same time, young farmers are asking, “How can I get started, and build on what the elders have accomplished?”

We invite farmers of all generations to join California FarmLink, CCOF, and organic industry partners to explore options and learn about farmland and business succession strategies.

In the morning, farmers and stakeholders will gather to share and discuss key succession issues and challenges, transition needs, and new ideas and approaches.

After lunch, succession planning experts will present tools and strategies for retirement planning; business transitions, family communications and goal setting; passing down land and other assets; tax demystification; transitioning to non-heir successors; and mentoring new farmers. California FarmLink will discuss creative financing opportunities. Then farmers, families, and advisors will work together in small groups.

Throughout the day you will also hear from farmers sharing succession stories that illustrate different approaches, and filmmaker Deborah Koons Garcia will show a clip from her upcoming film on the crisis of agrarian elders and succession.

Don’t miss this event!

Organic Elders and the Next Generation: Planning for Succession
An EcoFarm Pre-Conference Event
January 20, 2016; 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, California

Registration: $50 (organic lunch included)
Note: Registration is through the EcoFarm registration site, where you may register for this event alone (see Pre-Conference Event under Conference Options and Fees) or as part of a conference package.

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Thank you to the UNFI Foundation, FarmAid, Clif Bar Family Foundation, Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation, and Gaia Fund for supporting the Organic Elders and the Next Generation project.