Educate Your Customers about Organic

Consumers are increasingly interested in healthy eating, which means being educated about the source and ingredients in their food and whether it is grown organically. There is, however, a lot of confusion about what organic means and a lot of misleading or false information out there. Are your customers confused about what organic means? Order a complimentary batch of the 2017 “Why Buy Certified Organic?” postcards today!
CCOF sends tens of thousands of “Why Buy Certified Organic?” postcards to farmers and other organic advocates to distribute at farmers’ markets, through CSA boxes, and supermarkets. We still have a few batches of this year’s card left. Share them with your customers and help educate them about what organic means so they can make informed decisions for themselves and their families! Get them while they last!
For more information, please contact the CCOF Foundation at (831) 423-2263 or at