A First for the Fast Food Industry: The Organic Coup Will Add Ingredient Labels to Their Packaging, Providing Up-Front Information About Their Food to Customers

In an unprecedented move, the nation's first 100 percent certified organic fast food chain shakes up the industry with unrivaled ingredient transparency.
Fast food restaurant chain The Organic Coup, the nation’s first 100 percent certified organic chain, is once again upending the industry. 
On April 9, the company will begin rolling out complete ingredient labels that will be placed directly on their food packaging. While many restaurants across the nation refuse to provide ingredient information—citing proprietary reasons—The Organic Coup is making the unprecedented move to spearhead greater transparency in an industry that has historically been tight-lipped about ingredients. 
The Organic Coup launched two years ago with a specific mission: to re-imagine fast food atop the core values of organic, people first, accountability, and transparency.
The company has produced branded ingredient labels for their most popular items,
specifically designed to do two things. First, to clearly communicate to customers the premium, healthful ingredients used by the company. And secondarily, to raise awareness of the lack of transparency pervasive in the quick service restaurant and fast food industry.
"To us, it's a simple premise," said CEO and Founder Erica Welton. "It's food first, which means clean, organic, non-GMO, and pesticide-free. And then it's fast. We've solved for both. So why wouldn't we label our food? We're intensely proud of our ingredients!"
"We're very excited about what we're doing here," added Co-Founder Dennis Hoover. "We're interested in making some real change and challenging the conventional wisdom that has historically governed the industry. Erica and I come from a background of clarity and transparency, so for us this next phase felt very natural."
This move of transparency has engendered considerable support.
“The 49ers are always working to provide our fans with the best, both on the field and in the stands, and that is why we brought in The Organic Coup as a featured dining option at Levi’s Stadium,” said 49ers CEO Jed York. “The Organic Coup has always been about quality food and I know their transparency about their food ingredients will be appreciated by our fans.”
“Kudos to the Organic Coup for popularizing mouth-watering organic fare and for serving it with a list of what’s inside. Their leadership sets a high bar for the culinary sector!” added Cathy Calfo, executive director/CEO of CCOF.
Ken Cook, president and co-founder of the Environmental Working Group added, “The Organic Coup is once again resetting the high bar in fast food with this pioneering policy to fully label the ingredients directly on the packaging. This is exactly what consumers want today—fresh, healthy food with a generous portion of transparency”. 
"The FDA doesn’t require restaurants to disclose ingredient lists, so they are given a free pass to hide their ingredients from consumers,” added Vani Hari, the New York Times best-selling author behind the site FoodBabe.com. “People are increasingly seeking detailed ingredient information because they are concerned about food additives and their relation to health, or have allergies and food sensitivities that are not included on allergen statements.”
“The Organic Coup was the first to scale up organic in fast food, and now they're the first to proactively label their ingredients. It's pretty tough to not get behind that movement!" added Hari.
The company is heading each label with the line "You Are Eating History," including social hashtags for spreading the movement. Additionally, The Organic Coup will engage directly with consumers on the initiative by placing seven-foot posters in all 14 locations and encouraging customers to snap a photo and share their reasons for choosing organic on social media.
This article was submitted by CCOF-certified member The Organic Coup.
The Organic Coup, the nation’s first and only 100% USDA certified organic restaurant, is the
creation of former Costco executives Erica Welton and Dennis Hoover. Based in the Bay
Area, The Organic Coup has quickly grown to 12+ restaurants and is poised for explosive
growth, expanding into Sacramento and Washington. The company is committed to clean,
healthy organic food; treating partners and staffers with dignity and respect; and growing the
business ethically and responsibly.
Contact Erica Welton at ewelton@theorganiccoup.com for more information.