First Issue of Bagrada Bug News Published

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The Bagrada Bug Working Group has launched its first issue of the quarterly publication Bagrada Bug News.

The Bagrada Bug Working Group is a collaboration between CCOF and researchers at CDFA’s Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services, UC Cooperative Extension, USDA-ARS, UC Davis, UC Riverside, and University of Arizona. The working group convened in 2015 to address the challenge of managing this emerging pest in organic mustard-family crop production.

The working group’s first major activity was holding a public meeting in December 2015 in Salinas. Six scientific talks on bagrada bug biocontrol were presented and an organic farmer panel offered a farm-level perspective. Slides from the meeting are posted online here.

The Bagrada Bug News has two main goals: to keep the farming community updated on the latest research and recommendations on organic bagrada bug management, and to provide a central resource for the international community of scientists working on bagrada bug biocontrol.

Questions or comments on Bagrada bug? Contact Jane Sooby, editor of the Bagrada Bug News,