Future Organic Farmer Joshua Dransfield Featured in Rodale's Organic Life

Joshua Dransfield’s (2016 and 2017 Future Organic Farmer grant recipient) family farm was recently featured in Rodale’s Organic Life magazine. The Dransfields run Windsprings Farm, a small organic dairy in Gapmills, West Virginia. With the assistance of Organic Valley, a farmer-owned cooperative, the Dransfield family started their transition to organic four years ago. The years of transition were challenging for the Dransfields. Organic feed was hard to source in the area and the amount of time it takes to get certified required time and resources. Thanks to support from other organic dairy farmers in the area, they now have a thriving organic dairy. Several of the Dransfield’s children plan to stay involved the family farm, including Joshua who is currently studying Animal Sciences at West Virginia University. The CCOF Foundation is honored to support organic farmers such as Joshua and the Dransfield family!