Got Bagrada? Let Us Know

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As part of our efforts to develop a biological control program for bagrada bug, the laboratory of Dr. Brian Hogg at the USDA in Albany, California, is seeking sites for bagrada bug research. 
We would be interested to hear about bagrada bug infestations anywhere in California. Any cole crop fields or weed patches that are currently infested with bagrada bug would work for our purposes. We are investigating whether native predators or parasitic wasps attack bagrada bug eggs. We would put out frozen bagrada bug eggs (dead, so there is no possibility of spreading the bug around) on index cards and leave them out for three days on a monthly basis from August to November. 
Time constraints prevent us from visiting sites more than four hours’ drive from the San Francisco area, but we have collaborators elsewhere in California. Any interested growers can contact Brian Hogg at
Brian Hogg is a research entomologist with the USDA Agricultural Research Service based in Albany, CA. The primary aim of his research is to improve control of invasive agricultural pests by using biological control agents. His work currently focuses on developing biological controls for bagrada bug and spotted wing drosophila.