Greenpeace to Bring Farmers’ Voices to Global Climate Summit in California

Greenpeace USA launched a campaign in January 2018 to protect California’s climate and combat the impacts of climate change. As we know, California is a unique state, especially in its important role as a major source of the nation’s food—the food that farmers help bring to our tables every day. The state’s farming community has been highly affected by our changing climate and experiences the negative consequences firsthand, from increased wildfires, mudslides, and smog, to more severe droughts and rising sea levels. Greenpeace understands that we must support our farmers and the agricultural resources they depend on. The person able to make the most impact on this issue here in California happens to be our governor—Jerry Brown. 
Greenpeace wants to take this opportunity to amplify farmers’ voices and ask Governor Brown to commit to a fossil fuel-free future. We know that transitioning away from fossil fuels won’t happen overnight, yet the best legacy Governor Brown could leave California, and the world, is a clear roadmap showing us the way to a cleaner, brighter future. This begins with halting new fossil fuel infrastructure and production as part of a phaseout of fossil fuel production in California. Climate change affects us all, and in California the impacts are already very clear. 
At this time, Greenpeace invites farmers to share their stories about how the symptoms of climate change and fossil fuel infrastructure, like oil and fracking rigs, affect their livelihoods, their families, and their communities. We're collecting stories from farmers across California, and you can share yours by visiting our website and leaving your name and story there. Greenpeace will take these stories and share them with Governor Brown before the Global Climate Summit in September 2018. This way, we can show Governor Brown the importance of removing fossil fuels from our future. 
Here are some prompts to help you think about what story you want to share: 
  • Have you observed changes where you live that are scientifically connected to climate change?
  • How have warming temperatures over the past decade affected you, your surroundings, or your community?
  • Do you worry about how the changing climate will impact California’s parks and wildlife?
  • What concerns do you have about how climate change will affect your future?
  • Have you experienced hardship due to drought or more intense wildfires?
  • Do you live by the coast? How might sea level rise affect your community? Do you live near oil fields, refineries, or fracking sites? What is that like and how does it affect your community or your family?
Your voice matters, and Governor Brown needs to understand that. Governor Brown needs to see that people and communities come first and that fossil fuels should be left in the past. 
If you would like to share your personal climate story and are comfortable sharing it in a public manner or have any questions please contact Linda Rodriguez, national organizer for Greenpeace USA. She can be reached at
This article was submitted by Linda Rodriguez, national organizer for Greenpeace USA. 
Greenpeace is a global, independent campaigning organization that uses peaceful protest and creative communication to expose global environmental problems and promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future.