Guide to Federal Farm and Food Programs

The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) recently released its 2014 Grassroots Guide to Federal Farm and Food Programs. The guide is a free digital resource for farmers, conservationists, and other members of the sustainable agriculture and food community. The comprehensive guide breaks down federal programs and policies into plain-language explanations and includes valuable resources.

The guide is organized into nine chapters and details over 40 federal food and farm programs, along with a quick-reference overview chart, glossary, and other resources – all accessible via NSAC’s publications page. The guide is organized into the following topic areas:

  • Beginning and Socially Disadvantaged Farmers
  • Conservation and Environment
  • Credit and Crop InsuranceFood Safety
  • Local and Regional Food Systems
  • Organic ProductionRenewable Energy
  • Rural Development Sustainable and Organic Research

CCOF highly recommends checking out the guide and using it as a primary federal food and farm policy resource. For more information visit the NSAC website publications page.