Have Dinner with Organic Valley’s Travis Forgues at the Organic Grower Summit

Travis Forgues
Organic Valley’s Vice President of Farmer Affairs Travis Forgues will join us on December 12 as the keynote speaker of the CCOF Foundation’s “We Are Organic” Dinner at the Organic Grower Summit (OGS) in Monterey, California. All proceeds of the dinner benefit the CCOF Foundation
As a young man with degrees in computer science and psychology, Forgues could have very easily taken his professional career off the farm and into cyberspace with one click of a mouse. 
Travis and Amy
Instead, Forgues and his wife Amy chose to stick with real mice, tending to their herd of happy cows that graze their family’s land in Vermont. The Forgues became organic milk producers and important members of the Organic Valley cooperative in the 1990s shortly after 60 Minutes and Meryl Streep brought media attention to one powerful thought, “Should we be paying more attention to how we make our food?” 
Trading dense psychology manuals for the USDA Organic Standards came naturally to the Forgues and the dynamic, agriculturally-minded couple have raised their family ever since on land shared with Forgues’ father. Since their days as young farmers living the dream on emerald pastures, the Forgues have both taken bigger roles in their industry, becoming advocates for organic and championing the work of all who work in organic agriculture. 
CCOF is thrilled to have Travis speak as our honored guest at the “We Are Organic” dinner at OGS. Reserve your seat today! Space is limited.