Help Keep Politics Out of the Organic Standards

Please send a letter to your U.S. senator today and urge them to vote NO on any amendments to the Agriculture Appropriations bill that interferes with the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) ability to keep organic animal welfare standards strong.

Send an electronic letter directly to your senators.

Here’s the issue: The National Organic Program (NOP) released a Proposed Rule on Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices in April. This proposed rule addresses a wide range of issues raised by the National Organic Standards Board, the federally-empowered advisory body to the Secretary of Agriculture on organic issues.

The proposed rule is the outcome of 14 years of public hearings, review of animal welfare standards, and analysis, and is currently open for public comment through July 13.

The procedure for modifying the national organic standards is spelled out in federal law, and the NOP is adhering to this transparent, public process.

But some U.S. senators have indicated that they will try to block this process by introducing an amendment during floor debate on the Agriculture Appropriations bill that would interfere with the NOP’s rulemaking process.

Your voice carries weight with your senator. Here are some talking points on the issue:

  • You support the existing public process to change the national organic standards, a process that is defined by federal law.
  • Interfering with this public process sets an extremely bad precedent of political tampering with organic standards.
  • The animal welfare standards are the result of 14 years of extensive public input.
  • USDA has done its due diligence in creating this standard, and it is not up to Congress to stop this process.
  • It will ensure that all organic livestock producers are held to rigorous standards that support animal well-being.
  • Please vote NO on any amendments that would undermine organic!

Send a letter directly to your senators today!