Join Us at the 2017 CCOF Pacific Southwest Organic Symposium

2017 CCOF Pacific Southwest Organic Symposium
Farmers for Farmers: Growing Together

Hosted by the CCOF Pacific Southwest Chapter
Sunday, September 17, 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Leichtag Foundation, Encinitas, California

Thank you sponsors, for making this day possible!

“A” Game Organic Chicken Manure ⬧ Archi’s Acres/AISA ⬧ Beck Grove & La Vigne Organics ⬧ California Organic Fertilizers ⬧ California Production Services (CPS) ⬧ Fusion Solar ⬧ Grangetto’s ⬧ Jimbo’s…Naturally! ⬧ Kellogg Garden Products ⬧ KooL Ranch ⬧ Locus Agricultural Solutions ⬧ Rio del Rey Heirloom Beans ⬧ Solar Rain ⬧ Whole Foods Market 

100 tickets available—seating is limited! Tickets are $10 for members and $20 for non-members. Buy your ticket now at

You won’t want to miss this event with four interactive forums to address issues affecting organic farmers in our region; breakout sessions at lunch on organic certification, agri-tourism, and hydroorganics; and experts to provide insight while taking members’ questions! Buyers will be in attendance and ready to talk business with growers, big and small!

Plus, enjoy an organic vegetarian lunch by Lucky Bolt included in the ticket price, raffle prizes from CPS and Grangetto’s awarded in the morning & afternoon, and swag bags given to guests after they complete/return the event feedback form!

FORUM I: It All Begins with the Earth
Soil Health; Bee Health; Water Systems & Regulations; Immigration & Farm Worker Safety

FORUM II: What is Organic? What is its Future?
Non-GMO vs. Organic; Food Safety & Sustainability; Organic in Schools

FORUM III: Buyers Ready to Buy
Local Organic Buyers Answer Your Questions & Are Ready to BUY!

FORUM IV: Your Questions Answered about Marijuana
Ballot Box, Business Models, Craft & Custom Strains, Grow Permits & Everything in Between

Forum and Breakout Session Participants:

  • Mike Barry, Produce Manager, Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Market
  • Robert Blundell, Enrollment Coordinator, Archi’s Institute (AISA)
  • Alison Caldwell, Sustainable Food Expert
  • Danny Calvillo, Regional Sales Manager, Sunrise Produce
  • Jennifer Marie Chacón, Professor of Law, University of California, Irvine
  • Dwight Detter, Executive Director, Slow Money SoCal; Partner, Cottage Cast
  • Lincoln Fish, CEO, OutCo
  • Luke Girling, Owner, Cyclops Farms
  • Brian Guess, Regional Grower & Operations Manager, Homegrown Organic Farms
  • Jim Kase, General Manager, Ocean Beach People's Organic Food Market
  • Phil LaRocca, Chairman, CCOF, Inc. Board of Directors; Founder, LaRocca Vineyards
  • Pamm Larry, Director, Label GMOs
  • Eric Larson, Executive Director, San Diego Farm Bureau
  • David McGee, Soil and Compost Expert
  • Armando Mendez, Pacific Southwest Regional Produce Coordinator, Whole Foods Market
  • Mim Michelove, Director, Farm Lab, Encinitas Unified School District
  • James Nieh, PhD, Research Biologist, Bee Health, University of California, San Diego
  • Tom Page, USDA Organic Inspector for CCOF; Owner, Page's Organics
  • Steve Pennington, Procurement Manager, OH! Juice
  • Ryan Peterson, Regional Produce Buyer/Supervisor, Jimbo’s…Naturally!
  • Matt Rogers, Senior Global Produce Coordinator, Whole Foods Market
  • Kris Schlesser, Founder, The Lucky Bolt Company
  • Alex Stewart, Manager of Specialty Produce, Specialty Produce

Buy tickets now at Tickets are $10 for members and $20 for non-members.

Questions? Contact Linda Antonioli at (818) 642-9838.