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The Future Organic Farmer Grant winners were judged to have the strongest combination of commitment to leading a lifelong career in organic agriculture, investment and participation in the organic community, and dedication to growing the organic movement. Each grant recipient will receive $5,000 to apply toward their studies in organic agriculture. 

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Alicia Krueger has worked on her parent's conventional dairy farm from the time she was old enough to hand towels and feed calves. During high school, Krueger was vice president of her National FFA Organization chapter. After graduating, she took agribussiness/agriscience classes as well as a Dairy Herd Management classes, both through Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College. In December 2015, Krueger returned to her family farm, which became certified organic in 2009, and has been there ever since. 
Kruger plans to continue to work on her parents’ organic dairy farm part-time and work full-time in the summers when she can make pasture and spend time with her kids.  Krueger loves the farm and wants her kids to love it too!
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