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Since 2014, the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund has partnered with the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom to administer the Look at Agriculture…Organically! grant program for K-8 teachers who teach their students about organic in the classroom. Each week, visit our blog to hear from the teachers who received Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund grants for their schools about the projects they funded.

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EUSD Farm Lab
Encinitas, California

All EUSD first graders (over 800 students) visited DREAMS Campus at Farm Lab and rotated through three hands-on lessons that connected them to agriculture and organic crop production. Students learned that it is healthier to use organic production methods and handling standards that are not harmful to water, soil, wildlife, and/or people, and which make the environment safer for bees and birds and for children to play. Students learned about cover crops for building healthy soil, and for the California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom lesson, were presented with a real-world problem of having pests on the farm and given an essential task: to prevent pests organically. This was followed by reflective questions about how they could work together to express original ideas and incorporate unique problem solving using math and shapes. Students used our maker-style lab—filled with supplies provided by this grant—to build models of animals or insects and use sound and motion to scare away farm pests. Their observation/exploration of science in their finished product fosters profound imagination and understanding of the task.

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Today, less than 1% of America’s farmland is organic, and farmers who want to transition their land face a long and costly process. Hear from CCOF's CEO Kelly Damewood about what we're doing to address this challenge:

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