Meet Kristen Tippit: A CCOF Foundation Future Organic Farmer

The Future Organic Farmer Grant winners were judged to have the strongest combination of commitment to leading a lifelong career in organic agriculture, investment and participation in the organic community, and dedication to growing the organic movement. Each grant recipient will receive $2,500 to apply toward their studies in organic agriculture. 

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Kristen Tippit
EarthDance Farm and Garden Apprenticeship Program – Missouri

Kristen Tippit is a 31 year old mother of two (soon to be three!) who loves running, singing, graffiti art, being outside, and laughing with her husband, Chris. She has degrees in Spanish and creative writing, but has worked in women's health and health education for the past nine years. Kristen currently works in the HIV field coordinating a program for people who have been lost to medical care. Her work has focused on testing and prevention of STIs and HIV among urban minorities, and case management and health education for the marginalized populations affected most by the HIV epidemic.

Kristen believes food is medicine and that we can heal our bodies, minds, and spirits with eating food grown organically and sustainably in our communities. She wants to become an organic farmer in an urban area to provide amazing organic food to people living in food deserts and provide a place where people living with chronic disease can come to work, learn, harvest, find support, and build communities. Her urban farm will be a therapeutic environment where all people can be close to the land, learn about food and its healing properties, and consume the food they have grown! She also wants to help urban city dwellers find creative ways to grow their own herbs and food in whatever spaces they have available, giving everyone a chance to experience the miracle of farming and gardening.

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