Northern California Fire Relief Efforts Update

CCOF is terribly saddened by the extensive and profound ways in which thousands of people have been affected by the fires. We are also inspired by the overwhelming compassion, community effort, and solidarity in the face of such adversity.  While we are working one-on-one with many affected CCOF clients—some of whom are experiencing severe to total losses—our hope for recovery continues to strengthen as we are also getting an incredible wave of people who are looking to help their fellow growers, producers, and ranchers.  
CCOF wants to continue serving as a communication hub for folks to connect and help each other out, especially in times of need. We encourage people offering their services for fire relief, connections, or assistance to post a classified ad with the information on our website. This is viewable by the public and offers additional opportunities to be of help. We have now added a category that is specifically for “Disaster Resources & Aid” - select this category to post with no fee.
As part of an ongoing effort to alleviate some of the pressures for affected members under these dire circumstances, CCOF is extending all organic compliance deadlines for operations in Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties. We will reschedule inspections if needed. If you are affected, please contact North Coast Service Specialist Drake Bialecki or Inspection Supervisor Stephanie Tessitore with any concerns, and we will help in any way we can in the coming months of recovery. We will remain flexible and will extend deadlines whenever possible to any businesses affected by these fires.
Our sincere gratitude goes out to everyone involved in these continued efforts.