Not Sure How to Use MyCCOF? We Have Tutorials To Help You!

Do you have trouble using MyCCOF or are you unsure where to start? You do not need to struggle any longer.

Managing your certification paperwork and process can be made simpler with MyCCOF, our online certification management system. Now is the time to start using your account!

Sharpen those pencils and ready yourself to take notes because we created seven brief video tutorials covering:

  • How to get your organic certificate:
    Find and download copies of all active certificates and client profiles for your operation.
  • Managing your Organic System Plan (OSP):
    Find and download your current OSP, check for approval of OSP changes, and find all letters sent to you by CCOF.
  • Marketing your operation with the Public Profile:
    Manage information about apprenticeships, sales methods, social media links, and your company statement, which all appear in CCOF’s searchable online directory.
  • Tracking and managing suppliers:
    Use Supplier Management to create a list of your CCOF-certified suppliers, track their certification statuses in real time, and receive alerts for any status change.
  • Searching and adding materials to your OSP:
    Find a list of all materials approved for use by your operation; remove materials you no longer want to use; and use Materials Search to find all materials approved for use in organic by OMRI, WSDA, and CCOF, and add them to your list.
  • Paying your bill online:
    Find all invoices for your operation, check due balances, and pay easily online.
  • Monitoring inspections:
    Find all scheduled inspections, your assigned inspectors, and inspector contact information, plus check the status of inspection, and find and download inspection documents and reports.

These video tutorials are now located on our MyCCOF Help page. Please make sure to review the videos and bookmark the page in case you need to reference them at a later date!

We hope this makes managing your certification with MyCCOF a little easier. If you have any questions or comments, contact us at


MyCCOF Help videos were made possible by the sponsorship of Cenergy Power, California’s leading agricultural and commercial solar provider.
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